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Terms of Service

  • A license key or user account, containing the ability to access Alpha products, must have been obtained through purchasing a product through our payment system.
  • Alpha is not liable for potential claims caused by one of their consumers on intellectual property of third parties.
    In such events, the consumer protects Alpha for claims from third parties.  
  • We reserve the right to revoke viewing and purchasing access to the website at any time for the following reasons: Chargeback, claim or dispute.
    If you open a dispute or a claim or do a chargeback through any of our payment services, including our Merchants of Records.  
  • Misuse of an account. If it is deemed that you have tampered with our software or have tried to use it for purposes of which it was not intended.  
  • Abuse or misconduct. If you are abusive or do not conduct yourself as we deem appropriate.  
  • Breaking our community guidelines.
  • Working for an opposite entity. if you work for an anti-cheat company, or an entity that works against Alpha in any way.  
  • We have the right to deny access to our websites and products by blocking your account, computer and network at any time.

Please be aware that all purchases are non-refundable. We advise you to carefully verify your selection of goods or services prior to completing your transaction.

If you need any help feel free to contact us here Discord Server