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MW3 Alpha Cheat + Blocker - NEW!!!

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MW3 Alpha Cheat + Blocker - NEW!!!

Few of the recent added features

- Added Chat sender/chat spammer

- Added Loot ESP

- Fixed aimbot not locking on to self reviving players even when aim at self res was enabled

- Compass colors now sync with RGB ESP Option

- Added meta attachments for new weapons

- Added CDL Camos into the saver

- Added RGB FOV

- Added RGB ESP

- Added bunch of new camos

- Added new weapons into the saver (not attachments yet)

- Ranked Restrictions + LVL Bypass (Work in MP, not WZ)

- Invisible Gun Toggle

- Remove Riot Shield Shake

- Added Dynamic Third Person (When you aim down sights, it goes into first person)

- Added Autowall

- Added screenshot cleaner

- Added Lobby Tab

- Added Player List

- Added functionality to report players via player tab

- Added Custom Hit marker sounds in the misc tab

 Added Bone Scan in bone target dropdown.

- Synced the X axis (up and down) to your third person anti aim angles.

- Added Super Sprint keybind for controllers

- Added Skip Intro in Misc Tab

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